Brief Italian cooking class and dinner

Occasion Work Christmas party

Budget $120 per person

Location Blue Mountains


We served an Italian cooking class with dinner for a work Christmas event. It was at a beautiful retail store in the Blue Mountains. While there were loads of beautiful homewares on display, there wasn't much in terms of a kitchen we could use! Only a kitchenette, which we could only use for washing up.


The client set up a dining room within the store, with a long wooden table and borrowed chairs. Counters were hauled alongside this, creating a cooking stage for our chef. 


We created a menu that utilised portable equipment - a deep fryer and induction stoves, provided by the private chef. It was to be two-courses, and given the time limitations, we showcased how one base / ingredient can evolve to a variety of dishes.


by chef Michele 


Tomato, Pea & Mozzarella Arancini


Mushroom Risotto


Chef Michele took time to cook and unravel tips for a dreamy, creamy risotto as the main. He then used the same base to make crispy-soft arancini balls. It is a great leftover hack, and I hope someone has carried this on!


We accommodated to intolerances - for gluten-free, we used GF flour and for vegan, we left out the egg-wash and cheese.


The team had their own ice-cream (and wine) to celebrate.