How do we provide our service and differentiate ourselves from other private chef platforms?



Each menu on the website belongs to an individual chef, making it unique to their history, experience, and creativity. For integrity, these menus aren’t shared to other chefs simply to fulfil more bookings. Instead, if there is a booking for a particular menu that can’t be fulfilled, we will find the best alternative. We will find a like-minded chef who will create a similar menu but tinker it for individuality. 



There are menus that are designed to excite with plentiful choices, descriptive language, and mass appeal. Behind this, review menus carefully for its true value. Look at the depth of the dishes - The surprising elements, the time taken, and the methods that build intricate flavour.



Compare a ‘Pan Seared Porterhouse’ or a ‘Grass Fed Eye Fillet’ with ‘Rangers Valley Wagyu Sirloin’ or ‘Shiro Kin Full Blood Scotch Fillet 9+’. Throughout their careers, our private chefs have built relationships with amazing suppliers - From Sydney Microgreens for herbs, Suzuki Farm for meats, and Joto Fresh Fish who supply fine-dining restaurants.


Personal Service

For some reason, most clients pick up the phone and call for an event, rather than booking online. While the platform was initially intended for automation, it has gone the other way, and I love that. We connect more – me, the clients, and the chefs. We create a custom menu just for you and build a service that that’s more than a transaction. As a young business involved with proposals, milestones, and ‘just-because’ gatherings, we hope to grow with you. I would love COOKY to be a part of something lasting – whether it be a one-off event that you remember forever, or a growing relationship where we see you propose, get married, and build a future (with delectable food).